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King Corn

At the risk of sounding extremely nerdy (or maybe just pathetic) I spent several evenings watching a documentary called “King Corn.”  I watched it on Netflix, but it is also available in 6 parts on youtube.  While you used to … Continue reading

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I Lift Things Up and Put Them Down…

I am sure many of you have seen this commercial and have maybe had a chuckle about it.  Maybe it even got you to sign on at Planet Fitness because the commercial reassured you that there would be no monosyllabic … Continue reading

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What’s the Single Best Exercise?

This question was asked last week and discussed in an article in the New York Times Sunday magazine.  So the title might be catchy, but is there a single best exercise?  Can you even ask that question and expect a real answer?  As … Continue reading

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My “Go-to” Yogurt

Today I want to share with you one of my very favorite things to eat.  No, not ice cream (although that is one of my favorite things to eat), but something almost as good…Greek yogurt.  Until Greek yogurt came along … Continue reading

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Women Have It All Wrong

Today I am letting someone else do the talking.  This is an article written by Rachel Cosgrove.  Rachel is the co-owner (along with her husband, Alwyn Cosgrove) of Results Fitness in California.  She is a contributor to Women’s Health Magazine … Continue reading

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Who Inspires You?

So here in Massachusetts it’s a holiday…no, Marathon Monday is not a holiday, although it might as well be.  Actually, it’s Patriot’s Day, which conveniently coincides with the Boston Marathon.  So yes, it is also Marathon Monday.  Some people have the … Continue reading

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Common Gym Mistakes

(BTW, that is not me…I wish) So yesterday was a breakthrough for me in my quest to be able to do 5 bodyweight chin-ups by my 50th birthday at the end of July.  I train once a week at Cressey Performance … Continue reading

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