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How Good Are Your Eggs and Dairy Products?

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  After a snow-filled winter that at one point was on track to set a new record and a spring that seemed to never stop raining…we were rewarded here in Boston with a … Continue reading

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Wisdom from the Great Mike Boyle

When I first decided to become a personal trainer I spent months studying for my NASM certification.  I passed the exam and embarked on a new career.  To maintain my certification I need basically 16 hours of continuing education every … Continue reading

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Grocery Items Nutrition Experts Would Never Buy

This was an informational piece that was on the Comcast home page last fall which I actually thought was pretty good.  Mass media nutritional advice is often incorrect, misguided and woefully out-of-date.  For this piece, however, they consulted a variety … Continue reading

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Stolen From A Restaurant

Okay, so today’s post is a total deviation from “fitness, nutrition, life.”  Maybe remotely tied to nutrition, as it has to do with food.  But I am not putting this forth as “healthy” food.  Maybe in some ways this is … Continue reading

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TRX Suspension System ~ Ideas for the Beginner and the Advanced User

Last week I wrote about not wasting your money on shake weights and toning shoes….now I’m going to make a suggestion for what to do with your money instead…it is one piece of equipment that can be used almost anywhere, takes up … Continue reading

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CSA ~ Community Supported Agriculture

We are getting a ton of rain here in New England…it has rained every day since Saturday and we aren’t expecting to see the sun until maybe Sunday…sigh….On the plus side, everything is growing like crazy and it is really … Continue reading

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Hierarchy of Fat Loss or, the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

So it is now mid-May.   How many of you are ready for shorts, sleeveless tops and swimsuits?  If your New Year’s resolution was to lose (insert number) pounds by summer, how are you doing?  If you aren’t where you had … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Waste Your Money: Toning Shoes and the Shake Weight

So I just saw that there are shake weight classes starting to sweep the country and I feel I have to do my part to combat the ridiculous claims being made by this product.  I will admit that commercials for the shake … Continue reading

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Sex, Lies and Videotape

Confession…no sex, but definitely lies and video clips (if you’re as old as me you know what videotape actually is).  I had to get your attention somehow.   Today’s post was prompted by a discussion I had with one of my clients the other … Continue reading

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Remember You Signed a Death Waiver

I have been meaning to do a post like this…a short compilation of things on my mind or things I want to share, that by themselves, might not warrant a complete post. Topic Number 1:  We ARE Tough Mudder Fluckers.  While … Continue reading

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