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We Are The Tough Mudder Fluckers

So my crazy Tough Mudder race is tomorrow (Saturday).  Our start time is 10:20 AM…please pray for me.  I have mentioned this race before, and it seems like every time I turn around they make it worse (is that possible?!).  What … Continue reading

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Is Salmon Healthy?

Salmon…we are told to eat more of it as it contains an important essential fatty acid, omega 3 (essential here refers to the fact that our bodies cannot manufacture this and must take it in).  Salmon today is readily available … Continue reading

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No Excuses

So today is Monday…sigh…I didn’t have a blog post ready to go, not a ton of time, no cohesive thoughts.  I thought of doing a “bits of randomness” post with links to some good reads, but as I got started, the blog post evolved on it’s … Continue reading

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