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Want More Reasons to Strength Train?

Okay, so I think I’m back on track…this is my third post of the week…a special thanks to Brenda for asking last week if I was still going to do my blog…I needed that kick in the pants! A few … Continue reading

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The New Government Food Plate, Precison Nutrition Style

Several months ago the USDA unveiled its new “My Plate” graphic, which replaced the pretty much widely panned vertical pyramid.  I wrote briefly about it in my post titled “The New Government Food Plate and Dairy.”  In my post I … Continue reading

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Where are You Getting Your Nutritional Advice From?

Okay, I know I have been on hiatus too long.  I found after being away for two weeks on vacation it was just really hard to get started again.  I had been blogging pretty regularly 2-3 times per week…and I think that is … Continue reading

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“60 is the New 40”

Forgive me for my very long absence.  I was on vacation for a week, came home for a few days, then went away again for a long weekend to Vermont for a wedding.  I have been catching up on life … Continue reading

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